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When you record a song online on the TBM3, a MIDI file is created automatically. It is updated at each modification in the song. To download it, click on 'MIDI' in the details of the song (visible when listening to it via RECORDINGS).

What are the MIDI files ?

MIDI files are very small musical files (most of those generated by the TBM does not exceed 20 KB). You can read it on a lot of supports : computer, telephone, synthetizer ...

But you'll tell me that the sound is completely rotten ...... it's normal !

MIDI format contains only the height and duration of notes. And it's your PC (or phone etc ...) who will read it with its own sounds (or rather the sounds of the soundcard). The sound quality is very variable depending on the support. Personally, I enjoy listening to my phone

But what's the use?

MIDI is a standard format compatible with many music software. Then, you can then import your song created on the TBM in Fruity Loops:

After, you can change the sounds or any kind of change.

You can also open MIDI files in a score software like MuseScore and see your composition in classical notation.

The author

Anthony Bouchereau (Tony-b) created the Tony-b Machine and the site in 2007. He continues to develop the site and three new machines over the years. Today web developer and musician in Umanis in the Quatuor Megamix he still devotes part of his time to develop the site.

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