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Please wait until the recording function is developed.

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Tony-b Machine 4



Change bass and lead notes at same time.
You can change bass note and lead note separately with two fingers :
keep a note pressed and change only the lead note with the other finger.

JOYPAD : Specials

Press the arrows one after the other to trigger a special sound

  • Tornado Tremolo : ▲ ▲ ▲
  • Thunder Break   : ◀ ▼ ▶
  • Space Laser     : ◀ ◀ ▶
  • Free Fall       : ▼ ▼ ▼
  • Triplet Trip    : ▶ ▼ ◀
  • Game Genius      : ▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ◀ ▶ ◀ ▶
  • Bach is Back    : ▲ ▶ ▲ ◀ ▲ ◀


Press button to activate / desactivate loop.


Play a sound once.

  • Short press  : play sound on-beat
  • Long press   : play sound off-beat
  • Double press : play sound twice quickly

BLUE LEDS : Lead sound

Change lead sound.

  • TUBE and GROWL are monodic sounds.
  • FUZZ and SHINE are polyphonic sounds.


Switch to a different rhythm for the bass or the lead.
The number of the rhythm is shown on the bottom screen.


Change all loops at same time.

  • Short press : load preset
  • Long press  : save preset

F11 : Full Screen

Switch to full screen


Sounds, design and programmation by Anthony Bouchereau (as Tony-b). Mail : contact [at] tony-b [dot] org.
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.


4.0.0 [20/06/2013]

  • online !

4.0.1 [22/06/2013]

  • correction click on "what is it ?"
  • normal interface for PC with touchscreen (not mobile interface)

4.0.2 [02/07/2013]

  • adaptation / debug for Kongregate
  • show "Loading" page before the ads on mobile version

4.0.3 [06/07/2013]

  • debug custom color
The author

Anthony Bouchereau (Tony-b) created the Tony-b Machine and the site in 2007. He continues to develop the site and three new machines over the years. Today web developer and musician in Umanis in the Quatuor Megamix he still devotes part of his time to develop the site.

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Tony-b Machine 1.0 (november 2006)
Tony-b Machine 2.0 (february 2007)
Tony-b Machine 2.1 (june 2007)
Tony-b Machine 3.0 (august 2009)
Tony-b Machine 4.0 (june 2013)

contact [at]


  • Français : Tony-b
  • English : Tony-b
  • Italiano : Brainpunk
  • Türk : Seyhan
  • Español : Christine


Online SAS
BP 438
75366 PARIS CEDEX 08


It appears that he has all of your songs listed as his own, either it's you're alt account, tony, or you know him, but if not then he is basically copying all of your songs perfectly.
Julien61500<-i mis-spelled the name in the subject box
11 years
He copied Tony's songs but he owned to having done this and Tony was ok for this.
But julien65100 has been courageous to copy ALL the melodies...
11 years

Hm, so basically the fact that he can actually copy tony's melodies is good because it takes a lot of skil to even copy such a good song?
11 years

I M no english donc jespaire que tu comprend le français tony ma décriter la phrase est jai compris que je recopier sur tony mais en faite jen n'est recopier une motier de tony est je fais sa pour pouvoir voir comment il font les basse est les melodi ect pour que si je fait un remix je le fait bien smiley wink
11 years
Brandon121> you know, julien is a great artist, do you know the pop art? Warhol, Oldenburg... julien wants to take a symbol too (Tony-b's songs) and to remake it in many ways!... I'm joking ^^'
11 years

Julien61500>What? Englais please? can anyone translate what he just said?:/
11 years
pas de pseudo
Brandon121> Julien61500 has said:
'I'm not english so I hope so you understand French. Tony-b has translated me the sentence and I have understood that I have written up on Tony-b but in fact I have written up a half of Tony-b and I do that to be able to see how they make the basses and the melodies and for if I make a remix I make it well.'
Translated in english by PTM2B! smiley wink
11 years

smiley cool well, I wasn't accusing anything, i just wondered if tony made an alt or something, but thats cool.
11 years
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