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Tony-b Machine 4



Change bass and lead notes at same time.
You can change bass note and lead note separately with two fingers :
keep a note pressed and change only the lead note with the other finger.

JOYPAD : Specials

Press the arrows one after the other to trigger a special sound

  • Tornado Tremolo : ▲ ▲ ▲
  • Thunder Break   : ◀ ▼ ▶
  • Space Laser     : ◀ ◀ ▶
  • Free Fall       : ▼ ▼ ▼
  • Triplet Trip    : ▶ ▼ ◀
  • Game Genius      : ▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ◀ ▶ ◀ ▶
  • Bach is Back    : ▲ ▶ ▲ ◀ ▲ ◀


Press button to activate / desactivate loop.


Play a sound once.

  • Short press  : play sound on-beat
  • Long press   : play sound off-beat
  • Double press : play sound twice quickly

BLUE LEDS : Lead sound

Change lead sound.

  • TUBE and GROWL are monodic sounds.
  • FUZZ and SHINE are polyphonic sounds.


Switch to a different rhythm for the bass or the lead.
The number of the rhythm is shown on the bottom screen.


Change all loops at same time.

  • Short press : load preset
  • Long press  : save preset

F11 : Full Screen

Switch to full screen


Sounds, design and programmation by Anthony Bouchereau (as Tony-b). Mail : contact [at] tony-b [dot] org.
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.


4.0.0 [20/06/2013]

  • online !

4.0.1 [22/06/2013]

  • correction click on "what is it ?"
  • normal interface for PC with touchscreen (not mobile interface)

4.0.2 [02/07/2013]

  • adaptation / debug for Kongregate
  • show "Loading" page before the ads on mobile version

4.0.3 [06/07/2013]

  • debug custom color
The author

Anthony Bouchereau (Tony-b) created the Tony-b Machine and the site in 2007. He continues to develop the site and three new machines over the years. Today web developer and musician in Umanis in the Quatuor Megamix he still devotes part of his time to develop the site.

Give a boost
Tony-b Machine 1.0 (november 2006)
Tony-b Machine 2.0 (february 2007)
Tony-b Machine 2.1 (june 2007)
Tony-b Machine 3.0 (august 2009)
Tony-b Machine 4.0 (june 2013)

contact [at]


  • Français : Tony-b
  • English : Tony-b
  • Italiano : Brainpunk
  • Türk : Seyhan
  • Español : Christine


Online SAS
BP 438
75366 PARIS CEDEX 08

TBM News #3.5 [English Version]


I/TBM's Gossips
->Seyhan participation in the TBM News
->Duck Sauce Contest
->TBM News in your mailbox
->Members' age in Stats
->News in LK
->Bomb game (teams) - BGT
->Your advertising
->For or against Justin Bieber ?
->The Bunker
->Hymatrak's Soundcloud
->Strummer's problems

II/Songs time
->17-23/01/2011 week
->24-30/01/2011 week
->31/01-05/02/2011 week
->Top 10
->New songs
->New Tonybiens and DJs

->Dj Alchemist : editor of TBM News and winner of DS contest

(*)LSV=Le saviez-vous ? by Seyhan (= do you know that ?)


TBM's Gossips

Seyhan on TBM News
To start this TBM News, talk about Seyhan. He is the newbie editor of the TBM News and he'll write the Le Saviez-Vous ? part : Do you know that ?
'Santé, physique, chimie, mathématiques, environnement, informatique, avec Seyhan c'est l'essentiel de la science !'
'Health, physic, chemistry, mathematics, environment, computer science, with Seyhan it is the bulk of science!'

Duck Sauce Contest
Some of us participate to this contest of the year. Organisated by Tony-b, the Duck Sauce Contest included 11 subscribers but 7 remixers. We had to remix Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce, or Boney M...
And the winner is... Dj alchemist ! (Look at the interview down)
Say 'congratulation' or listen to the musics on LINK|Concours_Duck_Sauce_-_fin_30_Janvier.
If you want to make YOUR Barbra Streisans song, go on LINK
(You can comment that on LINK|Faite_votre_propre_musique_de_Duck_Sauce_)

TBM News in mailbox !
Inscribe yourself on LINK or say what you think on the forum (LINK|Nouveau__la_TBM_News_par_mail_) !

Member's Age ?
Hymatrak idea is to include DJ's age on Stats (look at left !)
A Facebook copy or a good idea ?
You can change that on the topic LINK|Age_des_membres_dans_la_partie_Stats.

News in LK
Legends Killers. This group of DJs Tonybiens who included Skorpio, Playa, Dark-smile, Dj Alchemist, Ezio Auditore et LouiSS just recieved a new member. I call him Ultra DJ !
Moreover, Skorpio composed It's not my World. You can listen Universe Album and learn more about that on LINK|Legends_Killers_s_Back.

14 : Alder
18: Tony-b Machine
26: ChaorFire
2: Trancefreak, DJ Flex
This month, we'll celebrate the TBM's 5 years ! Be careful smiley wink
More BD's on LINK|Dates_danniversaires.

'BGT' Bombe Game (Teams)
You have to go with a team and make explode or desactivate the bomb !
Rules :
-You can't change team.
-'Equipe bleue' desactivate and 'Equipe rouge' make explode. So you can join a team and send a message including 1-your team, 2-that you give to the bomb (-1 or +1) 3-the timer with the changement.
-You can't post two messages (or more) yourself.
To participate or learn more about the BGT : LINK|JEU_La_bombe_par_equipe_BPE_JEU.

Don't forget that you can post your newest songs or listen others on 'Petite puuub' topic !
You also can say when you change a song.

For or against Justin Bieber ?
Debate by Dj-Fred on the 7th february.
All of us know who Justin Bieber is : this young Canadian 'singer' who captivate the hearth of girls of 11-14 years old.
But what do you think about him ?
Go on LINK|Pour_ou_contre_Justin_Biber__.

The Bunker
With more that 400 posts, the Bunker is a virtual place where you can do all, do incredible things !
Do you want to participate to the party ? LINK|Le_Bunker_Continent_Sous_Terrele_BCST.

Hymatrak's Soundcloud
Listen to the newests Hymatrak's songs !
The last one : Remake of Cascada (LINK).
Soundcloud on the topic LINK

Strummer's problem
Dj Strummer thinks that the forum is... Sleepy ! Do an activity for the forum and make Strummer happy !
Know more : LINK|l_ne_se_passe_rien LINK

Chat with Tonybiens on the 'Tchat' if you want friends. Connect and go on LINK

Health :
Google Body : Great !! Look at the human body and learn more about yourself ! (nécessite un navigateur web compatible)



17-23/01/2011 week
A recent remix of Remady - Do It On My Own have been made by the False_Alliance !
¤Remady - DoItOnMyOwn - False_Alliance with 13 fans this week.
426 listenings13 fans9 coms

The pretty Blue of TranceFreak follow...
¤Blue (Eiffel 65) - Trancefreak with 11 fans this week.
29164 listenings775 fans344 coms

Then the lovely remix of original soundtrack of Super Mario Bros, by Tony.
¤Super Mario Bros - Tony-b with 9 fans this week.
24469 listenings529 fans162 coms

And, after, Boney.M - Barbara S de Dj-Fred with 5 fans.

24-30/01/2011 week
This week the new mix of DJ-Fred made his show with 16 fans !
¤BestPartyOf2011 - Dj-Fred with 16 fans this week.
455 listenings17 fans14 coms

2nd position the last of Tony who takes us to San-Francisco with a good remix of Santiano by H. Aufray.
¤Santiano - Tony-b with 10 fans this week.
413 listenings18 fans13 coms

Then the terrible WAKA WAKA of Dyablo mark his territory in the top 20 !
¤WAKA WAKA - Dyablo with 10 fans this week.
6638 listenings109 fans44 coms

And after, Duck Ketchup Army by Dj alchemist with 7 fans. Billie Jeans Remixed (LouiSS) with 7 fans.

31/01-05/02/2011 week
This week is like others with Trancefreak on the first line. Everything we see is just blue !
¤Blue (Eiffel 65) - Trancefreak with 13 fans this week.
29166 listenings775 fans344 coms

Then The Final Countdown : the countdown point out that the tops are equal.
¤The Final Countdown - Tony-b with 9 fans this week.
23348 listenings560 fans154 coms

Finally, Super Mario Bros, who get more fans that money !
¤Super Mario Bros - Tony-b with 8 fans.
24473 listenings529 fans162 coms

And after, What the Duck ? by LouiSS with 6 fans, and New Discover by Chico with 4 fans.

Mix récents* :
Catch the Train - DJGhost ( [song26801])
This new DJ know what 'Composer' is. The basses are repetitive but the melody changes and it's good !
The Train of a zombi - DJ Janko ( [song26642])
A Live-mode song with Juicy Loops, the Torpedo Solo, and the Thunder Break. With a very good end, this DJ deserved his 5 fans.
Sharp's ComeBack - RazorSharp ( [song26876])
Good intro Drums+Bass. Over-mixed on the middle but structured. Good Luck for him !

Top 10* :
¤Blue (Eiffel 65) - Trancefreak ( [song577])
29167 listenings(+1871) 775 fans(+46)344 coms(+15)
¤The Final Countdown - Tony-b ( [song547])
23349 listenings(+1369) 560 fans(+21)154 coms(+4)
¤Super Mario Bros - Tony-b ( [song645])
24475 listenings(+1676) 529 fans(+41)162 coms(+6)
¤The TBM will survive - Tony-b ( [song2])
11686 listenings(+411) 319 fans(+12)126 coms(+3)
¤Linkin Park Numb - DJ Alex ( [song1889])
12672 listenings(+719) 283 fans(+17)98 coms(+9)
¤Marche Turk MozArt - Tony-b ( [song1059])
9781 listenings(+395) 256 fans(+8)77 coms(+3)
¤Dance to the Music - Trancefreak ( [song568])
5625 listenings(+196) 197 fans(+3)35 coms(+1)
¤Pirates of Caribean - DJ Jordanwil ( [song4510])
9785 listenings(+539) 176 fans(+5)38 coms(+0)
¤Vivaldi 4 Saisons - Tony-b ( [song5864])
6199 listenings(+266) 172 fans(+4)42 coms(+0)
¤[RMX]I gotta feeling - SiLver DJ ( [song4394])
9441 listenings(+356) 170 fans(+6)46 coms(+0)

(*Informations of the 9 and 10/02/2011)

New DJs (ayant déjà posté sur le forum) :
Liala (15 Jan 2011)
Leèa (20 Jan 2011)
DJ-POM (28 Jan 2011)
Dj sora (4 Feb 2011)
Dj maykon (9 Feb 2011)

Physic :
Warm water, very cold time...

Chimistry :
De you know that a mix in good quantities of hydrochloric acid (HCl) and caustic soda (NaOH) give... salted water ? (H2O+NaCl)
(Don't try !)



This month, this interview will talk about an editor AND winner of 'Duck Sauce' contest organized by Tony-b, I call him...

Dj Alchemist

-How are you, Alchemist ?
I'm very good !

-ASC ? (Age, Sex, City)
12 yo, man, St-Etienne (Fr)

-Actual activity/job, projects ?
Secondary school, on 12 years old, it's normal ^^

-Passions, hobbies ?
I enjoy playin' badminton, video games, the loft player ('le joueur du grenier'). I like football, and my littl' Tony-b Machine.

-Dish, Movie, Group, Object ?
Nutella pankakes, 'Nos jours heureux', Green Day, my bed :P
Crêpes au Nutella ^^, Nos jours heureux, Green Day, un objet ? Mon lit...

Now, talk about your TBM News' job,
-What is it ?
I write the songs part (recents mixs, Success-Song-Story, etc...)

-Why did you join the team ?
I was very motivated to do that ! And i thooght that it will move up the forum.

-Whats your motivations ?
That Tonybiens read this newspaper !

Now few questions about the TBM,
-How long used you the TBM ?
More than one year.

-Time on TBM on day, week, month ?
About 30 minutes on a week.

-Place where you spend most time, the Machine, the Forum or the Tchat ?
The forum.

-Your best song on TBM ?
Alors on danse
1113 listenings32 fans7 coms

-Is it your favourite song of yours ?
Nope, there is only bass and it's... weak. I prefer For Legends Killer.

-Whats your favourite song on the TBM ?
There are many songs, but I enjoy listening Around the World de MC Tricker.

To finish with, talk about the contest Duck Sauce you won this month.
-What were your motivations when you writen this song ?
Caught the TB of Tony-b at the end !

-Had you been astonished at the end ?
Yes ! Especially because I was scared by LouiSS' song (5 minutes) !

It's not the only contest you won. There is also the Space Invaders (Live) of last april.
-A word for both of the victories Live-Composer ?
It's not the luck, it's experience ^^

-Thanks for you, Alchemist ! A last word for the end ?
Astalavista, Baby smiley wink

Mathematics :
Do you know that on a fir cone, the number of scales on a spiral is the same as Fibonacci's suite ? (1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34..)
It follows the golden number, sunflowers, ananas, daisies, examples are many (=

8 years
It has been translated by me. So if there are many mistakes, sorry, guyz ! smiley wink

Read and have fun, English-speakers !
8 years
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