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Tony-b Machine 4



Change bass and lead notes at same time.
You can change bass note and lead note separately with two fingers :
keep a note pressed and change only the lead note with the other finger.

JOYPAD : Specials

Press the arrows one after the other to trigger a special sound

  • Tornado Tremolo : ▲ ▲ ▲
  • Thunder Break   : ◀ ▼ ▶
  • Space Laser     : ◀ ◀ ▶
  • Free Fall       : ▼ ▼ ▼
  • Triplet Trip    : ▶ ▼ ◀
  • Game Genius      : ▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ◀ ▶ ◀ ▶
  • Bach is Back    : ▲ ▶ ▲ ◀ ▲ ◀


Press button to activate / desactivate loop.


Play a sound once.

  • Short press  : play sound on-beat
  • Long press   : play sound off-beat
  • Double press : play sound twice quickly

BLUE LEDS : Lead sound

Change lead sound.

  • TUBE and GROWL are monodic sounds.
  • FUZZ and SHINE are polyphonic sounds.


Switch to a different rhythm for the bass or the lead.
The number of the rhythm is shown on the bottom screen.


Change all loops at same time.

  • Short press : load preset
  • Long press  : save preset

F11 : Full Screen

Switch to full screen


Sounds, design and programmation by Anthony Bouchereau (as Tony-b). Mail : contact [at] tony-b [dot] org.
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.


4.0.0 [20/06/2013]

  • online !

4.0.1 [22/06/2013]

  • correction click on "what is it ?"
  • normal interface for PC with touchscreen (not mobile interface)

4.0.2 [02/07/2013]

  • adaptation / debug for Kongregate
  • show "Loading" page before the ads on mobile version

4.0.3 [06/07/2013]

  • debug custom color
The author

Anthony Bouchereau (Tony-b) created the Tony-b Machine and the site in 2007. He continues to develop the site and three new machines over the years. Today web developer and musician in Umanis in the Quatuor Megamix he still devotes part of his time to develop the site.

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Tony-b Machine 1.0 (november 2006)
Tony-b Machine 2.0 (february 2007)
Tony-b Machine 2.1 (june 2007)
Tony-b Machine 3.0 (august 2009)
Tony-b Machine 4.0 (june 2013)

contact [at]


  • Français : Tony-b
  • English : Tony-b
  • Italiano : Brainpunk
  • Türk : Seyhan
  • Español : Christine


Online SAS
BP 438
75366 PARIS CEDEX 08

Golden Fox remix challenge
UnWanted Vision
Hey everyone. If you are looking for a little contest, i have one for you. Listen to this video, and try to create a remix for it and put it in this forum named golden fox. doesnt nessesaraly have to be made on tony b machine.

good luck!
7 years
dj italia
Good , Verry Good !!! YES !!!!
7 years
UnWanted Vision
Tips that may help with the making:

0:58 melo=
E'F'D..,E'F'E..,F'G'(high)C :repeat

lyrics: in song, a little harder to hear

1:25 'gottta start rollin,
Dont be afraid...
Cause I'm movin,
If you want to take the chance...'

more tips coming soon smiley cool
7 years
DJ Goku
Thanks! Just what i need
But maybe i will fail
7 years
UnWanted Vision
Don't worry, I'm doing this too sbd it should be fun! But for the bass part, I'm having a lot of difficulty determining what the bass is. Which was my original plan for the tips, instead I will test it out on tony b machine, and see what works best!

Ok, so the people currently participating is me, dj Italia and DJ goku, I think

The way I have planned it is similar to Tonys previous contest, instead I will be informing contestens on tips in case they are stuck. There is no current deadline, but it may be sometime in October. Good luck! smiley cool

7 years
Those who need help on the chorus part of the Song will find this tip useful.

The commas ',' are rests spaces in the compo measure. Played in 16th notes. Hope there's no confusion smiley cool

,,F,FE,F,,F,G,A, :repeat

On my song I have the bass playing F/C/D/D, but like I said, I'm not so sure about the bass part

Also remember that the remix does NOT have to be made on the tony b machine but it must be named golden fox or must contain Golden Fox in the name.

Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask smiley wink
7 years
DJ Goku
I have been i little busy at the moment, so i'll begin on the remix now.
7 years
As will I! i want to participate smiley ballon
7 years
I'm finished! this was a lot of fun! hope you enjoy!

7 years
UnWanted Vision
Thank you LaZer DanCe for contributing! This sounds amazing! What notes did you use for the bass part?
7 years
DJ Goku
My bass should be #A-C-D-D
7 years
Ah yes, I used F|G|A|A. Although the semitone may have effected the sound. Hope that helps
7 years
UnWanted Vision
Yeah, the pitch may have been altered, but the normal notes would be just as dj goku had said.
7 years
DJ Goku
I'll stop working on this song.
Something happened to my music program+my keyboard.
Sorry smiley sad
7 years
Have we made a due date yet?
7 years
What software was this made on? And is it free? smiley sceptic
7 years
My song was made on lmms, yes it was free. smiley cool

It's actually hard to use at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes addicting. check out my topic on the DJ forum smiley wink
7 years
UnWanted Vision
The topic will close at the end of the month. If no one eles competes, MultiDJIC is declared winner unanimously.
7 years
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